Ariszlo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Please add GenericName with translations to gimp.desktop for desktop
> interoperability.  GenericName is used in KDE *.desktop files.
> The proposed GenericName is "Image Manipulator" shortened from
> "The GNU Image Manipulation Program" which would be too long for
> a GenericName.

Eeek. IMO "Image Manipulator" is really akward. I'd suggest to use
"Image Editor" instead. Unless someone comes up with a better
suggestion, I will do that change in the HEAD branch.

> Here is a link to a gimp.desktop file with GenericNames in several
> languages:
> http://www.yoper.com/ariszlo/devel/gimp.desktop

The translations are handled by po files. We don't keep gimp.desktop
with translations in CVS. I will let the translators take care of
translating the generic name.

> In addition to adding GenericName, Comment[ta] was also fixed.
> Comment[ta] was badly converted to UTF-8.

There's no "ta" translation for GIMP so that's not our problem.  The
gimp.desktop file as shipped with GIMP is validated using
desktop-file-validate so there shouldn't be such problems with our
desktop file. If people use other gimp.desktop files than the
originally shipped one that's their fault (and they should be kicked
badly for doing that).

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