On Sunday 08 August 2004 10:17 pm, Simon Budig wrote:

> ordinal numbers start at 1

1 is no ordinal number, you most likely mean "1st"?

Whether you assume 0 or 1 being the 1st natural number is only a matter of 
convention and convenience (depending on the subject matter). Most people 
start to count from 1, so it makes sense to use "1" as label for the 1st 
object, but it is nevertheless arbitrary, as one could for example also have 
used the labelling "a", "b", "c", ..., with "a" denoting the 1st object etc.

> Hence the number "0" in the ancient version of the IFS Compose plugin
> was a bug and has been corrected for the Version 1.2.

One of the advantages of the current style is that the object with label "n" 
is the n-th object (I personally have no idea if the order of the objects 
actually matters in the case of IfsCompose, from what I see: if at all, not 
much). The previous mapping was not exactly a "bug", but less convenient with 
respect to this.

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