I'm trying to port a script from gimp 1.2 to gimp 2

everything else works fine except gimp-flip
"procedural database execution failed"

i tried searching for an answer but the only remotely similar thing
suggested 'missing fonts' might be a problem

gimp-flip works fine in the script CoolMetal.  I cannot see what I'm doing
differently, my script worked fine in gimp 1.2.

gimp-flip is also in 3dTruchet but strangely commented out and didn't work
for me when I uncommented it (and drawable is mispelt on the same line).

(i think gimp-flip might have worked in truchet but i dont recall)

Any ideas?

- Alan

PS it is inconvenient for me provide the script right now but I'll be
submitting it soon anyway.  (it is a rewrite of swirly-pattern.scm).
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