Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.0 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

This is the first tarball which has been released with a version number rather than a 
release date marking another milestone in the evolution of Tiny-Fu.

As of this release, handling of all PDB data types is believed to be complete and bug 
free. The only exception is no support for boundaries, paths, or regions (which are 
not supported in Script-Fu either).

Two main tasks remain. The first is providing UTF-8 support in the TinyScheme 
interpreter. The second is updating the language translation files.

Changes since the August 2, 2004 release:

o Added support for arrays to properly handle the PDB *ARRAY types. Handling of the PDB ARRAY data types has been greatly improved handling of PDB ARRAY data types and fixed some problems which existed in the previous methods. The change has added the functions make-array, array?, array-length, array-type, array-ref, and array-set! for use in scripts.

o Fixed some minor problems in the handling of parasites.

o The use of a pipe in console mode has been removed. (Fixes bug #139200)

o Added buttons "Clear Output" and "Save Output" to console mode dialog. (The "Save 
Output" button was not added for GIMP 2.0 version of Tiny-Fu.)

o The constants and procedures defined during the main part of the initialization of 
Tiny-Fu are now marked as immutable (ie. they can not be changed). Attempts to alter 
the value of or redefine these constants and procedures will generate an error message.

o The file routines in the ftx extension have been updated for UTF-8 support.

o A few other miscellaneous small changes have been made and a few extra scripts have 
been updated.


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