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You misunderstood me. What I was saying is that GIMP 2.0 has the API
to implement all this and I would have loved to see this added about a
year ago when it was proposed quite detailed already. Since that
didn't happen we can now also do some useful changes to the modules
API and to the core to integrate it even better. GimpDisplayConfig is

OK - I've asked this before, but can anyone provide me with, or point me at, a transcript of the previous discussions?

however definitely the wrong object to add this stuff to. I will try
to write down my ideas on how to share color management configuration
somewhen this weekend.

OK - fair enough - I look forward to reading it :)

Forgive my over-enthusiasm on this; I'm keen to see this get into 2.2, but no-one else has expressed an interest in coding this, and with a feature freeze approaching, I wanted at least a working prototype. (In fact, I'm already finding the modified proof filter useful, if tedious to set up every time an image is opened!)

The proof filter should do proofs and nothing but proofs. What you are
suggesting sounds more like a new filter.

Again, that's understood - but I would recommend renaming the existing filter rather than having two separate ones; soft-proofing and "normal" colour management are not only almost identical code-wise, but mutually exclusive (at least as far as the display filters go). If you look at the code, you'll see that the bulk of it is in adding support for working and monitor profiles (both of which are necessary - at least until we've decided on the configuration issues - for the proof filter anyway). The only code that differs for the two modes is that normal color-management calls cmsCreateTransform() instead of cmsCreateProofingTransform().

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