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Sven Neumann wrote:

it would help a lot if you could send some information on what
settings you think are needed for color management. I know this info
is in Bugzilla but I'd like to see it mentioned here so that we can
start to discuss how to implement it in a way that it can be used from
display filter modules. I guess we also need the same info to be
accessible by plug-ins also? We will then also have to add a PDB API
to access them (read-only ?).

OK - in approximate order of importance:

colour_management_enabled - speaks for itself. Must be accessible from the loading code, since a user who has disabled color-management won't want to be bothered by embedded-profile-related questions.

monitor_profile - read access needed by the display filter. Write access available to plugins would make a rough-cut monitor profiling plugin possible.

working_profile - characterises the GIMP internal working space. Will default to sRGB (and will probably stay that way for most users), but some poeple have expressed an interest in using AdobeRGB instead. Read access required by the yet-to-be-written colour-management plugin that will transform from an image's embedded profile to the working profile.

proof_profile - this profile characterises a device to be simulated by the proofing mode. This will typically be a CMYK profile, and these can be large (USWebCoatedSWOP.icc is over half a megabyte), so it makes sense to try and avoid having a separate instance of this filter for every image. Should only be needed by the display filter.

rendering_intent - This affects how littlecms will transform the colours. Needed by the display filter.

proofing_intent - In proofing mode, rendering_intent specifies how colours are rendered on the simulated device. proofing_intent is needed to specify how this simulated data is rendered on the monitor. Again, needed by the display filter.

That should pretty much cover it. I think it's important to be able to disable color-management for a specific image, and I would like to be able to override the working profile for specific images, (which means getting an image parameter into the display filter so parasites can be fetched).

Hope this is some help :)

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson
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