Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Right.  The problem is how the application determines whether a
> particular parameter is a measurement or just an arbitrary floating
> point number.  The only piece of framework that Gimp-Print's going to
> have is a new parameter type that's a "unit" rather than a
> dimensionless floating point or integer number.  How the application
> deals with that is up to it.  Basically it sounds like we're in
> reasonable agreement here.

Yes, sounds like it. Perhaps it would be easier to speak in terms of
code snippets...

> That's an issue for the plugin to deal with.  Gimp-Print deals
> entirely in points (1/72"), and it's up to the application to
> translate that into units useful for people.

That's fine. As long as there's a clearly specified value, we can deal
with that.

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