Dear GIMP developers,

I want to implement a bicubic scaling routine for Krita, a painting and image 
processing application for KDE. As a proof of concept I coded a bilinear 
scaling routine this morning which does work quite well if the scale factor 
is not too small or too large (e.g. in the range 0.5 - 2.0). The algorithm is 
from "Numerical Recipes". This book also has a chapter about bicubic 
interpolation and I think that it would not be too hard to improve my 
original very simple algorithm to use bicubic interpolation.

As a long-time GIMP user, I know that the GIMP scaling algorithms are really 
good and I would like to have a look on the algorithms and maybe use them for 
scaling in Krita. I looked at the GIMP source code but I could not find the 
relevant parts of the code. Could you please tell me in what files the 
relevant parts of the code are?

I know you would prefer people to work on GIMP and I think GIMP is really a 
great application and I love to use it. But there are two reasons why I 
prefer to work on Krita:

- first I am an absolut beginner in computer graphics and I want to learn 
some basic things about computer graphics. Krita is still really unfinished 
and a lot of very basic things are still missing. This gives me the 
possibility to code some basic stuff like scaling algorithms or simple 
filters. GIMP is already very advanced and there is nothing I could do to 
improve it.

- second I want to learn some C++ and Krita is written in C++.

I hope you understand this and I hope someone can give me a hand with finding 
the scaling algorithms in the GIMP source code,

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