Michael Thaler ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> As a long-time GIMP user, I know that the GIMP scaling algorithms are really 
> good and I would like to have a look on the algorithms and maybe use them for 
> scaling in Krita. I looked at the GIMP source code but I could not find the 
> relevant parts of the code. Could you please tell me in what files the 
> relevant parts of the code are?

The scaling code is in app/paint-funcs/paint-funcs.c, see the function
"scale_region" (this is - besides app/base/ - the "ancient cruft"
section of the gimp sourcecode).

> GIMP is already very advanced and there is nothing I could do to
> improve it.

Feel free to work on your own application, but the idea that there is
nothing left to do to improve Gimp definitely is wrong...   :-)

> I hope you understand this and I hope someone can give me a hand with finding 
> the scaling algorithms in the GIMP source code,

Hope this helps,
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