Hi all,

As some of you may remember, I started working on a metadata/parasite
editor a long time ago (bug #61499, bug #56443, bug #94416) but lost
most of it in a disk crash during a backup (doh!).  Since my new
digital camera is begging for better metadata support in the GIMP
(starting with the EXIF orientation tag, bug #121810) I re-started
that work from scratch and built a new metadata viewer and editor.  I
worked on that while I was away from the 'net so I did not announce it
earlier, but I tried to design the viewer/editor according to what had
been discussed on this list and in Bugzilla since about three years.

The relatively new thing is that I based almost everything on the XMP
model (Extensible Metadata Platform from Adobe, based on RDF/XML)
because XMP supersedes IPTC (used by Photoshop 6 and earlier) and
includes EXIF (used by almost all digital cameras and supported by
many programs).

The code is not ready yet and I don't expect to have time to make a
version ready for testing before next week, but I created a page that
describes what it does, including some screenshots:
I would like some feedback about that, and any help about the open
issues mentioned in the page would be more than welcome.

Among the open issues, there are a few on which any GIMP contibutor
could comment: naming of parasites, how to support the old
"gimp-comment" parasite, should it support saving the old IPTC format
without XMP?

But there are also some more technical issues for which I would need
some help from GIMP/gtk+ hackers: how to handle multiple language
variants for some properties, how to support viewing and entering of
these in the treeview widget?  Even for the basic case, how should I
support multi-line input in the treeview?

If I am heading in the wrong direction or if I have overlooked
something, please tell me.  I don't want to waste my time doing the
wrong things if I don't get any feedback.

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