Kurt Bigler wrote:

So I'm posting this question here not to find out more about how GIMP achieved that and whether it will be easy for me to do the same thing GIMP did in the gtk app that I am porting, and whether I can continue to use darwinports to do my build or whether I need to go another route. I

If you download the gimp-app bundle, you find a couple of scripts inside that show tricks with which you can achieve some of these things. In particular, it shows the use of environment variables like FONTCONFIG_PATH, DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, GDK_PIXBUF_MODULE_FILE and some others.

AFAICT the whole gtk stuff is just taken from Fink.

am hoping that it is a simple matter of configuring the gtk build differently (something I'm hoping darwinports will allow) and that little or no application source changes are needed to support this. I'd be glad to switch from darwinports if necessary as long as there is a known way to do the build. Prior to using darwinports I spent a whole month trying to do the build and failed miserably.

Unfortunately, gimp-app does not give any information whether the gtk build needed to be configured differently. If gimp-app were open source in the sense of the GPL (which it pretends to be but isn't), you could just look at the sources from which it was built and see for yourself.


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