Sven Neumann wrote:

I've asked Aaron a while ago to provide everything that's needed to
recreate the package and he added the link to ScriptExec.tar.gz at the
bottom in response to that request. I have to admit that I have never
verified that the application bundle can be created using this script
and a GIMP tarball. If that is not the case then Aaron will have to
add the missing pieces.

This may turn out to be not so easy. It is a problem specific for Mac OSX app bundles where you include all the required libraries with your executable, and this is why I think this discussion is pertinent to the original question about what is needed for packaging libraries in a Mac OSX app bundle. There you don't tell the users "Install this and that library before you can build or run the Gimp", but you distribute the libraries yourself. The GPL then forces you to publish yourself all the sources and the build scripts for the precise versions of these libraries that you are using. And there are *lots* of libraries involved here.

If the libraries are taken directly from Fink without modification, for example (the same would hold for opendarwin instead of Fink), then it would probably be sufficient to provide a link to the Fink package descriptions, as long as the versions are identical, because Fink has all the sources and build scripts. If Fink moves to a different version, however, you would either need to change versions, too, or provide the sources and the build scripts yourself.

I am not interested in legal aspects here, but rather in the point raised by the original question in this thread: If you distribute binaries based on GPLed software, you need to let others know how exactly you did it so that they can learn from your work. It's about sharing knowledge, and maybe a little also about attributing authorship to previous porting efforts.

It is at this point where many distributors of GPL-based Mac OSX software are sinning. They adhere more to the shareware philosophy than to the GPL. This is why many people would not touch places like gnu-darwin, osxgnu, and macgimp with a long pole. Others are happily giving them money, of course.


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