Hi, Mat and others,

On Aug 20, 2004, at 2:08 PM, Mat Caughron wrote:

The issues raised seems to be mostly to be in point of documentation. When
I do have time to maintain things, it is usually focused on doing a new
build, rather than documenting the process. This seems to be the
preference of MacGIMP purchasers who (in typical Mac style) want
everything to "just work". Last fall (pre GIMP2), I wrote up a description
here that may be useful: http://howto.macgimp.org The plans are for me
torewrite that for the latest MacGIMP builds. Aaron Voisine has done some
great work with gimp-app and with his example, I figured out how to build
application wrappers for XDarwin/X11.

I took out an apple tech support incident to find that out. It required creating a tiny helper app in the bundle that calls launch services to run the real x11 app, like this:

CFBundleRef mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle ();
CFURLRef x11AppURLRef = CFBundleCopyResourceURL (mainBundle, CFSTR("example.x11app"), NULL, NULL);
LSOpenCFURLRef (x11AppURLRef, NULL);

Is that the way you did it? It seemed kind of lame to me that launch services is so non-orthogonal that this didn't just fall out.

Darwinports can be used instead of fink for building a wrapped gtk app.

Whichever way requires less time investigating how to configure things is probably the way to go.

So I take it that there is no application code needed to achieve this, that it is just a matter of configuring gtk2 and all its subcomponents? If so, then even with no more help from you what would be involved in just cloning what GIMP2 does for my gtk2 build (and be able to link my app against it)? Do I have to look in a hundred different places to find all the configuration info? If so, then I probably have to wait for your doc before attempting this.

One downside to this is that each app brings along with itself a complete
GTK build, so you don't get the disk savings of single libraries

This is for a binary-installable application. I can see no way to take advantage of disk savings without risking creating conflicts on the users system when installing libraries.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'll take your note as a recommendation to
get the documentation for building gimp-app style builds done shortly and
I'll CC this list when I get a rough draft written up and posted.

That will be great. I know its a freebie but I still have to ask, how soon is shortly? Just because shipping our freeware app has already been delayed a few months figuring this out (unpaid work tends to be slow that way, of course). I just have to decide whether to do it another way in the meantime to get it out.

Thanks to you and to everyone for their replies.

-Kurt Bigler

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