Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
I had tought on an unclean alternative to have a higher time resolution on gdk/gtk+ events, that would be to have a core GIMP time

Is there any other way to read the mouse positions than via X?

You could use the crufty DGA extension if really desparate.

I would like to completely separate the mouse device and the
graphics drawing because GTK drawing caused jitter in mouse

I think you have leapt to the wrong conclusion.

When I move the mouse in circle slowly, the drawing is detailed.
But when I move the mouse fast, the drawing is polygonal.
Is the reason in mouse interface or in X, or both?

Somewhat the mouse interface, and somewhat because we simply drop (compress) mouse motion events at the gdk/gimp level if we're running behind. The 'Perfect-but-slow pointer tracking' option is supposed to stop that from happening, but it's true that X's mouse sampling time period can truly suck (sometimes the hardware's fault, sometimes the driver's fault for not knowing that the mouse can cope with a higher sampling rate, but this DOESN'T happen because 'GTK drawing caused jitter in mouse readings'). The sampling rate for tablets can indeed be much better.

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