David Odin wrote:

But I liked the old behaviour (having the checkerboard fixed to the
window) since it really shows that the checkerboard isn't part of the
drawable as soon as you pan or scroll the preview, and such, the
transparency is more obvious.

Anyway we have to be consistent here. So, I would like to know what
you (especially artists) do prefer:

- keep the checkerboard fixed to the drawable for images and previews.

IMO it also makes it more obvious that scrolling and panning really happens - something that mignht be important for the users if thei mage has large parts that are transparent.

> - have the checkerboard fixed to the window for images and previews.
> Imho, the later is nicer, but Sven told me it could make the scrolling
> and panning of the main image window much slower.

That would be an additional problem then.


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