IMHO, ctrl key/radio button interaction could 
be improved for the color picker.

When using Color Picker, ctrl currentlty
toggles between Set Foreground Color and
Set Background Color - which makes sense,
but there are a couple of problems in how
it is implemented.

1. The color picker dialog pops up on the
first click and becomes the active window.
While the color picker dialog is is the 
active window, the ctrl key does not 
toggle the the mode.

2. The "Pick Only" mode currently disables
the ctrl key from changing modes. It would 
seem more consistent if the "Pick Only" 
mode would not disable the ctrl key from 
changing modes, but I can see the reasoning 
behind this (if someone bumps the ctrl 
key and doesn't know about the feature, 
maybe it should remain in pick only mode - 
but I think maybe we could remember which 
mode was without CTRL, and return to the
appropriate mode when released to address
that issue)

This is tested on: GIMP2.0.4; GTK+2.4.3;
Win2K,v5,sp6; and I don't know whether 
all of the problems occur under different 

Should this be reported as a UI bug?


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