It did not appear to me as an accusation at all. A bit  curde, one 
could say, but as it is, it is out of context.

On the other hand, maybe reverting to a file selector were no secret 
CTRL+L is needed __should__ be indeed considered. Somw work toward 
customizing it maybe would do no harm. But I have to agree, I find 
the new file selector of little use.



On Saturday 04 September 2004 23:25, Carol Spears wrote:
> hi,
> anyone want to handle this accusation from miguel?  he says that
> the new file selector is the responsibility of the gimp developers.
> carol
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> Hello Carol,
>    You should complaint to the GIMP people for using the new file
> selector.  The old file selector is still available in Gtk+, and it
> is them who have chosen to use a different file selector.
>    Maybe they are also conspiring against you, you are probably too
> annoying.
> Miguel
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