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> I don't disagree with it, but I wish you had mentioned specifically
> what I consider the biggest issue of all: bug #143668 (performance
> problems with GtkUIManager), which on a slow machine can make GIMP
> pause for 20 sec or more each time it creates an image.  (Almost all
> this time is spent building the menus.)  It would be a nightmare to
> release 2.2 without major improvement in this respect.  The bug has
> been reassigned to Gtk+ rather than GIMP, but users aren't going to
> care.
> Having spent some time on it myself, I think this bug is not going to
> be easy to solve, so it is disturbing that nobody is paying attention
> to it:  the bug report has not even been commented on in over two months.
> If necessary I will take another shot at it myself, but I would prefer
> not to, for two reasons:  first, I have been spending my time writing
> Help docs, and I believe it is possible to get the English part in good
> shape by the time 2.2 is released, but it will be much harder if I lose
> 1-2 weeks working on this bug; second, I don't really understand how 
> the UI Manager works at all or how GIMP uses it.  

Sure, someone needs to have a look at this. I don't believe that it
isn't possible to solve this. It is certainly just some stupid code
that iterates over the same lists over and over again. These kind of
performance problems are usually easy to solve as soon as one has
found the culprit.

The problem here is that this issue can most probably only be solved
in GTK+. That makes us depend on the GTK+ developers to release a
version that has this bug fixed. But since we have been working
together quite nicely in the past, I think we will get such a version
released as soon as we have helped to fix the problem.

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