Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 23:21:49 +0100
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   Sven Neumann wrote:

   >  - implement color management as was discussed earlier

   Firstly, I've been quiet on this subject for a few weeks because
   I've bought a new printer, and my limited coding time has been
   spent tweaking gimp-print to settle one or two minor print quality

Which we've very much appreciated, even though I still have to try out
your latest.  I've been busy with other things, like making dcraw do
the right (IMHO) thing.  But I digress.

   But to refresh everyone's memory about colour management, here is a list 
   of what I believe needs to be done:
   Does anyone have anything to add to this list, or can anyone see any 
   fatal flaws or other problems that need to be resolved?

It would *really* be helpful to plug this into the Print plugin, if
not Gimp-Print itself, so that when the GIMP feeds 8 bit values to the
plugin these values are reprocessed into 16 bit values, rather than 8
bit ones.

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