Hi all,

There has been a change in policy in bugzilla since the upgrade
which makes handling bugs much easier, but isn't yet widely

For anyone who wants to follow bugzilla, but who isn't on the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] alias, there is a new method to get at that
information. An added benefit is that you don't get any spam sent
to [EMAIL PROTECTED] too, and an administrator doesn't have to add
you to a text file somewhere.

Simply go to your user preferences in bugzilla, and add
[EMAIL PROTECTED] to the list of users you are watching. Check all
the boxes so that you get a notification mail when the user is
added as a CC, assigned a bug, reports a bug, comments on a bug
or receives a mail from a bug someone else commented on. You can
also reduce the volume of mail by removing some of those.

The new procedure for product aliases in Bugzilla is similar -
create a new bugzilla user (Bugzilla maintainers can do this
without there actually being a mail account at the other end)
with an address ending in @bugzilla.gnome.org (example:
that user to be automatically assigned bugs for the relevant
modules, and get everyone interested in the module to watch the 

I think this is great, since it removes one layer of
administration from the loop for people who want to follow a

In fact, I'm like to reccommend removing everyone from
[EMAIL PROTECTED], and using watching instead for GIMP bugs. What do
people think?


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
CV: http://dneary.free.fr/CV/
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