Kristoffer Lundén <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Anyhow, playing around with GIMP the application, most or all things
> that is needed (and much, much more) already is there, but the
> interface is not at all suited for this job. Don't get me wrong, for
> image processing it probably is very fitting, but for drawing, you
> ideally want to have the tablet under one hand and the other hand on
> the keyboard, with everything common possible to do without moving
> either. This is actually one of the goals I have, once the basic
> colors are on the canvas, you should not need any other window, not
> even the color selector, and all commands accessible under the left
> (or right) half of the keyboard together with the tablet. See later
> for examples. Anyhow, the GIMP as it is is not suitable for this task,
> you don't want to right-click-context everything, you just want to
> draw. ;-)

I don't think you need a new program or do a lot of hacking. All you
need is to configure some more keyboard shortcuts than what GIMP comes
with preconfigured. Then press F11 for fullscreen mode and start
drawing.  I suggest you use the 2.1 development version since it
allows to bind a lot more functions to keyboard shortcuts (or other
input devices).  I think all of the functions you listed are already
available. If there is stuff missing that you need, tell us about it.

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