> Replacing Script-Fu with Tiny-Fu could help push Tiny-Fu along a bit
> (ie. with translations) if it isn't fully ready yet by exposing it to
> more users but what is in the best interest of GIMP and its users?

I know I'd much prefer another stable release with Script-Fu in it first,
but that is my entirely subjective opinion.

I fear having to rewrite some of my scripts having already written gimp
1.2 and gimp 2.0 versions.  Compatibility is important to me, even if only
small changes are necessary it causes problems.  I dont relish the
prospect of new scripts I write not being usable by people who still have
gimp 2.0.x or even 1.2, users are still requesting backports of scripts to
1.2.  It may seem like Gimp 2 has been available for ages, particularly
for those who have been using gimp 1.3 but Gimp 2.0 was only released this

That said I'll certainly hope to instal Tiny-Fu alongside Script-Fu and
sort things out after 2.2.

- Alan
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