while we are talking about Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu, I think we should
also bring up the question of what should happen about pygimp.

According to Yosh quite some build problems could be solved by having
pygimp in it's own source tree. The idea is to use a typical Python
build setup instead of autoconf/automake as is used in the GIMP tree.
This used to cause problems for gimp-perl as well and I think that the
right solution is to have a separate gimp-python tree with its own
releases (of course coordinated with GIMP releases). Using a dedicated
Python build setup promises to make pygimp available on the Win32
platform so I think this is a desirable goal. Are there any objections
against moving plug-ins/pygimp out of the GIMP source tree into it's
own CVS module?  Would there be a volunteer who is willing and capable
to setup and maintain this package?

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