"Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I bet to differ -- the top three or four 'channels' ARE channels,
> and the rest AREN'T.  The rest are, as you describe, 'saved selection
> masks'.  I guess they're historically in the same dialog because
> Photoshop liked to pretend that saved selection masks were 'auxilliary
> channels' (barf), and AFAIK practically no-one found a real use for
> genuine 'auxilliary channels' (probably good for spot colours, but
> I'm guessing that ironically, Photoshop then proceeded to handle
> spot colours differently anyway).

Well, of course you are right. But in order to avoid further confusion
I used the term "channel" to describe the GimpChannel object as well
as the corresponding wrapper struct in libgimp. This is what the
plug-in API exposes as channels even though perhaps the name choice is
rather unfortunate.

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