Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> You forgot a third solution, proposed in bugzilla, which you said yourself
> wouldn't be too bad, and that is rearranging the frame with the units in it to
> look like this:
> Units: [mm]
> Width: 210
> Height: 297
> That provides the affordance for people who want to create images by unit, and
> also allows us to keep the current behaviour for unit changing without
> confusing people too much.
> I think that this is a reasonable way to organise things.

Apart from the fact that it looks like crap, it also looks different
than in all other places where lengths are being entered. If the size
entry looks different than other size entries, how is the user
supposed to understand that it behaves like the others?  And why do
the other entries look different then?

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