Hi Bill,

William Skaggs wrote:
> On this issue I think I agree with Sven that the gain of reducing
> annoyance for new users does not offset the costs of (a) reducing
> the consistency of size-entry areas and (b) annoying the mass of
> existing users who know how it works and don't expect it to change.

I'm happy to leave any decision in the hands of the people who
designed the dialog. 

I just wanted to point out that since this is a dialog modified
in 2.1, there is no mass of existing users to worry about.

I was under the impression that there was one size entry widget
which was included everywhere, from what Sven says this isn't the
case, so perhaps the status quo is for the best. I would like to
see consistency for size entries. I'd prefer them all to change,
I think, but if they all stay the same that's second best.
Anything else is a long way behind.


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
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