Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > The information given above may be appropriate for adding fonts to
> > your win32 system but it is irrelevant for GIMP on Win32. Please read
> > my other mail in this very thread.
> That's funny.  Works for me.  I'd call the method I use to install
> fonts that I use in GIMP on Win32 very relevant.  I don't do
> anything that is gimp-specific.  Please see my other mail in this
> very thread.

If it works, it works because fontconfig on Win32 is by default setup
to pick the fonts from the same directories that the operating systems
expects them. That is of course intentional but doesn't change the
fact that GIMP on Win32 doesn't care about whether fonts are installed
for the win32 operating system or not. All it cares about is whether
fontconfig sees them. So what you've written about how to install
fonts is rather misleading because it makes people believe that GIMP
would request the system fonts which it doesn't.

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