Pedro Gimeno Fortea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Regardless on what's done in the glib side, why not using  
> g_set_print_handler and g_log_set_handler, as Alif Wahid suggests, to  
> redirect the messages to the Error Console? I, for one, as a user of  
> the Win32 version expected to find the messages there and when they  
> were shown in a different window I wondered why. Perhaps it's also  
> better under Linux so that the messages aren't lost if the user doesn't  
> open gimp from a console.

The messages aren't meant for user's eyes, I think I mentioned
that. The messages don't make any sense for the user and should only
ever seen by developers or when we ask users to start gimp from a
console window and to tell us if there are messages to be seen.

If you think that a certain messages should be seen by the user and
not to go stderr, let us know about it. That message should then use
g_message() and also needs to be localized.

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