Cai Qian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have 2 questions,
> 1. When will the 2.2 be released? I hope to complete translation
> when 2.2 be available.

We are targetting a 2.2 pre-release in a few weeks and 2.2 final by
the end of next month. Translators will be informed (on the gnome-i18n
mailing-list) when we enter string freeze.

> 2. In 2.2, I also hope when press F1 in Gimp (LANGUAGE=zh_CN or
> LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312, zh_CN.UTF-8...) , it will open the right
> chinese docs.

Works for me in the 2.1 version. Doesn't it work for you?

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