Hello all of you,

I'm new to this list, and I wish to know if somebody here is already involved
integrating some aspect of the CImg library inside a gimp plugin.

That library has a very efficient algorithm for restoring lossy-compression
image format. But the most impressive part in the image in-painting. You can
restore picture by removing some part of the image (usually text, logos
over the image or whole objets inside the picture, like glasses on a face).

Interrest of that feature is obvious, and I wonder if anyone isn't already
involved in a such project ?

If no, I'm extremely motivated to write that plugin (or help people that are
writing one). But, well, it could be fine if we can avoid redundant project.

C.f http://cimg.sourceforge.net/
or  http://www-sop.inria.fr/odyssee/research/tschumperle-deriche:02d/appliu/

Thierry Pierron

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