David Odin wrote:
On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 07:42:18PM +0200, geert jordaens wrote:

I'm trying to catch up with the changes concerning the preview widget 
Could somebody explain me why the functions


are located in gimppreviewarea this way the preview area is not a basic 
replacement for the gtk_preview widget. If i understand the function of 
gimp_drawable_preview then I would place forementioned functions there.

  Certainly not. The menu is for changing the checker aspect. It is in
no way related to a particular drawable.

I would like to use the gimp_drawable_preview for a plugin on a scaled down 
version of the drawable (let's say thumbnail). 

  You'll have to create a new widget derived from GimpPreview to do
this, then. But then, why not just using GimpPreviewArea in a frame?




why not just using GimpPreviewArea in a frame? :
Well applying a plugin on a 3000*2000 pixel image could take a lot of time. 
Making the preview scrollable and applying the effect on the "viewable" part 
solves most of the time the performance issues. (and in general i am very happy with that)
However when applying a effect that should give a general enhancement of the whole image 
(like color enhancement) it would be nice to have a larger scrollable previewarea 
working on a scaled down version eg. 600*400.



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