[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-09-14 at 1610.13 -0400):
> If no, I'm extremely motivated to write that plugin (or help people that are
> writing one). But, well, it could be fine if we can avoid redundant project.

None I know, I raised the topic some time ago.

Another suggestion about this lib: fake motion blur. That is one of
the reason I checked it, wanted a quick way to get motion blur given a
sequence of images (for example, a 3d rendering). One of that lib's
capabilities is interpolating between two similar images. With that
new group of images and via composition, you can get acceptable blurs
in really few time (compared to 3d apps that do it by rendering again
and again, I mean). I did a quick test, but only works with gray
images (so RGB would mean separation, three passes and joining, if the
lib has no method for RGB, the demo app did not).

>From my POV, some kind of wrapper to write multiple plugins would be
indeed interesting (I can think of some tasks that could use it: noise
cleaner, hole filler, motion blurer, texture maker, zoomer/scaler...).

Thanks in advance for any effort you do about cimg and gimp.

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