Thierry Pierron writes:
 > That library has a very efficient algorithm for restoring
 > lossy-compression image format.

Hmm, do you maybe mean effective and not efficient?

The application of this that I would be most interested in is
denoising. I tried the pde_TschumperleDeriche2D example program on the
parrot image with some Gaussian noise added, and it is rather slow. It
would probably take way too long to filter out noise from a
realistical size (megapixels) digital camera image?

Also, the result has an eerie "artistic" or "oilpaintingish" look to
it. But I am sure all denoising algorithms always have some artefacts.

But anyway, sure, it is very interesting. It wouldn't be hard at all
to make a GIMP plug-in using the CImg library.

For those too lazy to try it our themselves, below are (links to) the
original parrot image, with added noise, and after 170 iterations
(whoch took 25 minutes on my aging 450 MHz P3, scale appropriately for
modern machines).


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