Sven wrote:
> Oh? I don't remember to have heard complaints about this before.

Well, somebody has to be first :-).

>>    I wish at least I could set a
>>    preference so that all tool options would be reset to their defaults
>>    at the beginning of each session.
> This preference option was planned from the very beginning. Didn't we
> add it already? Oh well, I think we didn't. There's a simple way to
> work around it though: "rm -rf ~/.gimp-2.1/tool-options". Probably
> because of this workaround, we have never added the preference.

Not too bad, although not exactly obvious.  Also it has, at
least, the disadvantages that it makes the Reset button on 
the Tool Options dialog no longer work, and prevents saved
tool options from being reloadable in later sessions.

  -- Bill


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