Tor Lillqvist wrote:
I wrote:
 > > Except that on Windows it's not "or", but "and". Just starting a GUI
 > > application from a command shell in a console window doesn't make its
 > > stderr and stdout connected.

Iago Rubio writes:
 > True, but I think my point of view is still valid. No Windoze app opens
 > a console for output.

Yes. My point was mostly directed to Unix-oriented people to warn them
not to think or advice Windows users that "just start the application
from a command prompt and you will see the output". It isn't that

For instance to see the help text from "gimp --help" on Windows one
has to pipe its output to more. (Currently, with the
console-window-opening still in GLib, the text output appears in a
console window that opens but that then immediately closes when GIMP

When started from the MinGW (and probably Cygwin) bash, this doesn't happen. The output appears in the same console (rxvt window).
Of course, it isn't really running on Windows in this case, but at least developers using thiese environments shouldn't be affected by the lack of the output then (or will they?).


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