I just came across  a GIMP behavior that although is a programing 
error, I have liked, and as it may be hard to fix, it could be 
documented to become more a feature than a bug.

It has to do with Quick Mask: If one enables it, and while it is on, 
click to select a new working drawable (either in the Layers or in 
the dialogs channel), the QuickMask will still be visible, but 
drawing will take place on the newly selected drawable.

It seems the only way to come back  to the quickmask is to togle it 
off and on back.

Fixes could involve: (1) not allowing to change drawables while 
quickmask is on, (2) or to automatically turn the quicmask off when 
another drawable is ectivated...or, as I propose in the title, (3) 
document current behavior.

I think I would dislike solution (1) - one great thing of working with 
the GIMP is not to have options disabled when a dialog is open, or 
one is performing another action. 

What would you say on this subject?


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