what has happened to wilber?

although, thank you for not putting him on if you intend to remove linux
from this app.  and thank you for not being such rude jerks with wilber
on your project.

i am curious about the reasons for removing him from the application and
if maybe that has a lot to do with the really bad behavior that a
handful of the programmers exhibit.  things that make it a very very
unfriendly environment for a developer.

was there any thought put into it?  or was that part of an agreement
with novell or something?

seems like when he disappeared, i also began to lose my belief in the
people who are running things and the decisions they make.

maybe if we put him back on, things will get back to normal and this one
girl can stop trying to remember what it was she liked about the
developers working on things?

mitch, did they talk to you about it?


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