Andreas Røsdal wrote:

is there any documentation for developers about Tiny-Fu? Will Tiny-Fu be
in Gimp 2.2?

There is no formal documentation for Tiny-Fu at the present time. The current "documentation" consists of the comments I have on the Tiny-Fu web page, the R5RS (the Scheme standards document), the contents of DB Browser in GIMP, and to a lesser extent, the web page on SIOD. A link to the most recent SIOD page can be found on the Tiny-Fu web page.

As for Tiny-Fu and GIMP 2.2, my understanding is that Script-Fu will still be part of GIMP until after 2.2 release. There has been some discussions about possibly making Script-Fu a separate module from the GIMP source tree. It would then be up to packagers to decide if they wanted to continue using Script-Fu with the GIMP or use Tiny-Fu.


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