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Campbell Barton wrote:
> Blender.org is realy good with its community, and web forum- I didnt 
> find anything like this for the Gimp- (Not saying it isnt there),
> Now Im on this list Id like to be involved with writing Plugins and a 
> little C where I can.

The community forums are many and varied. There is the gimp-user
mailing list, the gimp-developer mailing list, the gimp-win-users
yahoo forum (I think that's its name), the GIMP Users Group (GUG)
and many others (usenet, IRC, etc). The GIMP developers generally
keep their eyes on the users and developers mailing lists.

> Some things Id like to know tho are-
> Is there any 'good place to start' with C programming in the Gimp. - 
> Docs tutorials etc. (I have mainly used OpenGL in C/Python)

For writing plug-ins, there are a few places to look. First,
developer.gimp.org, which contains, among other things, an API
reference for the GIMP. Second,
http://gimp-plug-ins.sourceforge.net contains a great number of
resources for GIMP plug-in programming, including Kevin Turner's
excellent (although slightly outdated) manual, "Writing a GIMP

I presented a paper at GUADEC last year called "Writing a GIMP
Plug-in", which effectively summarised and updated parts of that
paper. The paper itself and the slides I used are here:
http://dneary.free.fr/guadec-paper/ - there is also the source
code of a trivial plug-in.

There is a CVS module gimp-plugin-template which contains
everything you will need to develop a third party plug-in,
including basic gettext, automake and autoconf configuration

And of course, UTSL (Use The Source, Luke). There are many GIMP
plug-ins in the GIMP source tree, and most of the simple ones are
in plug-ins/common. I reccommend consulting plug-ins that
approximate what you want to do.

For script-fu, Simon Budig has written some papers on scheme and
script-fu, there are also links on his pages to other people's
tutorials (I seem to recall Zach Beane doing one a few years back
which is almost still valid). Simon's GIMP page is here: 

> Is the Gimp serious about Python as a plugin language, from using 
> Blender3D/Python, Gimp/Python would be easy- but I tried and couldent 
> get a Scheme script running in python- (Could have been a silly mistake 
> but I tried for ages)

yosh has (or had, at least) plans to make python a first class
scripting language to all of the GIMP's interfaces. This requires
quite a bit of work in libgimpwidgets, among other places, and is
not going to happen today or tomorrow. There are also bounties
available (from Mark Shuttleworth) for work on the python
scripting interface to the GIMP. I am not aware of anyone
expressing interest in them recently.

> Is there a way of refreshing python scripts without restarting??.

There is no way of detecting a new script, scripts are read at start-up. 
However, if you modify a script during the lifetime of a gimp session, 
then re-running it re-loads it (as long as you don't change the 
plug_in_register call).


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