Cai Qian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am working on developer docs now. However there hasn't any short
> description in "Gimp Application", also no "tmpl" folder too. So I want
> to know how to handle this section (edit sgml file or skip ?).

Please skip that part. This is the documentation of the internal
API. It is completely generated from source and we don't intend to
ever edit the templates so they aren't even in CVS. The internal API
is simply changing too fast to attempt to polish the API reference
manual for it. For the moment we should focus on getting a completely
documented plug-in API.

> My work is based on release version 2.1.6, because either
> anoncvs.gnome.org (1700+ ms) or anoncvs.gimp.org (1600+ ms) is too
> slow from here. So please tell me how to contribute these files in
> your prefered way.

A patch against 2.1.6 should be fine. I all goes well, you should be
able to download 2.1.7 from ftp.gimp.org later so perhaps you could
try to create a diff against 2.1.7.

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