I am working on a Gimp Perl application and wanted to confirm what is
available in terms of ensuring the thread-safety of the resources my
Gimp scripts are using.  I had read that certain resources such as
current foreground/background color and brush shape are not thread-safe.
I  know that there is a gimp:lock() function for exclusive access to the
Gimp instance that is available and had also read about the possibility
of each script running in its own "GimpContext" as an alternative

I have implemented Gimp:lock in my scripts and it seems to lock the gimp
instance for the duration of the lock call within the script thereby
avoiding thread-safety issues, though I would prefer to not have to
implement a lock and would like to be able to depend on each script
operating with its own background color, etc.

Is there the ability currently in Gimp Perl to set it up so that each
script runs in its own context?




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