[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Olivier) writes:

> not start as in code, but start as in functionality
> we're talking about a feature request since 2002: 
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93360

Oh, this request is much older. It's been in the early TODOs, so it's
probably around for six or seven years.

> some people indeed prefer darkened, but as long as nobody is working
> on that, would black be useful instead of darkened? I do think
> so. It is currently not about the choice between darkened and black,
> but between nothing and black (unless somebody steps up to implement
> 'darkened').

Well, I doubt that black is useful at all and it would certainly look
ugly. But I have thought about it more and I think I see a way to
implement darkening based on your approach of drawing the outside area
in black. So your change would probably be a start regardless of what
I said earlier.

In order to undraw the black you've drawn on top of the image display,
you will have to expose that area using gimp_display_shell_expose_area().

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