a while ago I posted a list here with things that should be addressed
before we can start doing pre-releases for 2.2. Let's have a look at
what we achieved in the meantime.

> Scale/Resize dialogs
>   We definitely need to redo these. The changes to the File->New
>   dialog and to the internal unit handling make it necessary to make
>   at least some smaller changes to these dialogs. Tigert and Jimmac
>   have done mockups, we should look at these mockups again and see
>   what we can do.

This still needs to be done, but it isn't really a pre-requisite for a
pre-release. I might have a look at it it weekend.

> Text tool improvements
>   I will try to finish some of the stuff that has been scheduled for
>   2.0 already, namely text transformations, perhaps text outline and
>   text boxes. I can't promise that all of these will get done though.

Well, looks like this will better be postponed further. There are too
many other things that need to be done.

> Plug-in preview
>   David Odin is almost done with porting all plug-ins to
>   GimpPreviewArea but we might consider to go further and actually get
>   GimpPreview into libgimp*. I have some ideas about this and David
>   seems to have the time and the enthusiam to help with coding. We
>   should definitely try to get at least closer to a full-featured
>   preview for plug-ins.

We got quite far with the previews. The API that is in CVS now seems
to be OK for 2.2. We just need to add some padding to the structs and
we should consider to move the private data into an internal struct
using g_type_class_add_private() and g_type_instance_get_private().

> Color management
>   This has been discussed quite thoroughly but it still needs to be
>   written down in some sort of specification and then been cut down
>   into tasks.

I've been sent some code and we've talked about this further. So there
is definitely an interest in implementing this feature. I definitely
think we should get this into 2.2 and I am willing to delay the
release for it. Let's see if we can get something into CVS during the
next week. If that fails, I suggest that we postpone it.

> Layer positioning/alignment
>   Jimmac made a nice mockup for a dialog that would help with aligning
>   layers. There's also a new plug-in in Bugzilla that deals with the
>   same problem but I don't like it that much. This needs some
>   discussion, shouldn't be too hard to implement then. It's IMO very
>   important though.

I still think this would be important but since we got around w/o it
for so long, we might as well wait another release cycle. If someone
wants to work on it, please speak up.

What else is missing? There's the need for a new print plug-in but
noone has volunteered yet to look at the new API and the plug-in that
the gimp-print developers have prepared for GIMP 2.0.

> Script-Fu vs. Tiny-Fu
>  We should come to a conclusion whether and how Tiny-Fu can replace
>  Script-Fu. I'd suggest we make separate packages gimp-script-fu and
>  gimp-tiny-fu and remove Script-Fu from the gimp tree.

I think the best we can do here is to ship 2.2 with Script-Fu but try
to clean up the scripts so that they run with Tiny-Fu as well. We can
then replace Script-Fu with Tiny-Fu in the next development cycle and
interested users can already start to use it with GIMP 2.2 by
installing it separately.

> Python bindings
>  IMO we should move pygimp out of the gimp tree into a gimp-python
>  package. That would make it easier to give it a proper python-like
>  build environment and would make it easier for packagers. Yosh also
>  had some great plans on improving pygimp. Would probably be a good
>  idea to make these improvements independent of the GIMP release
>  cycles.

I didn't get any response whatsoever regarding Python. Makes me wonder
if pygimp is still being maintained at all. I would really like to see
a separate pygimp package. Can we please get this done for 2.2?

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