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Kent Tenney wrote:
> As someone who would dearly love to see PyGimp
> a reality, I was interested to see at:

FYI, PyGIMP exists, and has done for quite some time. It appears
to be lacking an active maintainer at the moment, and it's not
quite a first class binding (that would require some changes in
the library code to allow bindings to happen more easily), but it
is used.

For the GIMP 2.0 or 2.1, run configure with --enable-python to
generate python-fu bindings. There are some example scripts
showing its usage.

> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/bounties
> Bounties will be offered on Python scripting interfaces for the 
> following tools:
>     * The GIMP

This is great news (well, not really news, since the same bounty
is on Mark Shuttleworth's site as well), and hopefully this will
help reward someone who chooses to work on the bindings. I am
still undecided whether bounties (especially ones without a sum
attached) provide the motivation to do the work, or are simply a
nice way to thank someone who would have done it anyway after the
fact. Maybe it will raise the item's priority in someone's TODO

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        Lyon, France
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