Ellen Reitmayr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> - if no help is available for a dialog, do not provide the help
> button as it will confuse and annoy the user (it will keep the user
> from calling help in the future. Does help_func check that?)

No, there is no way for GIMP to find out whether a particular help
page exists. Actually there is always a help page available but for
some topics it will simply say something along the lines of: "No help
has been written on this topic yet. If you want to help, join the help
authors...". IMO this is acceptable. It would however be interesting
to know how many of the help-ids are already covered in gimp-help-2.
Do such figures exist?

> - if possible, provide context sensitive help (open the corresponding
> chapter in the help pages).

That's what we have been doing since GIMP 1.2. We just did not have
help buttons. Pressing F1 in a dialog does however get you directly to
the corresponding help page and so does pressing F1 with a menu item

> Please also make sure that the help button appears at the same
> location in each dialog. Best place it at the lower left edge,
> possibly leaving some space to the action buttons (I know, this will
> make the dialog even broader, but it will also aid to unclutter the
> layout).

That is the layout we have choosen. Well, there isn't necessarily
extra spacing between the help button and the action buttons but then
GtkDialog doesn't really give us a lot of choice here.

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