> (2) Review and complete the API reference manuals. This will probably
>     need some programming skills but some simple proof-reading would
>     already help a lot. We have tried to keep the API reference
>     manuals uptodate during development. We did however often only add
>     stubs. What's missing here is at least some short introductions
>     into all the new sections that have been added.
>     I will try to upload an uptodate snapshot of the docs at
>     http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/ later today. It would be very
>     nice if we could find a volunteer who could help us to improve the
>     docs for 2.2. If you are interested, please let me know.
I am quite interested about this, I have some programming skills in C
and GTK, but am not quite familiar with GIMP code. So I want to know if
that ok, or how to start?

Cai Qian
GPG: AFD9 4841 D33D 182B C45D  84B8 C48C 244A 3AA1 6670

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