On 06.10.2004, at 19:45, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

Again this c't magazine asking for permission to put GIMP (for
Windows, presumably) on a CD-ROM. Could some of our German developers
try to tell them once more that they don't have to ask me (or anybody
else) for permission. (And on the other hand, even if they had to, I
wouldn't be able to give the permission on my own, as there are dozens
of copyright owners.)

I guess it's because they want to take your binaries for distribution instead of compiling it on their own and to be polite they're asking for your permission.

Of course we Germans (Sven, mitch, nomis or I for instance) can talk
to atr (whoever that may be) because of this but I think it might
make more sense to grant them the distribution of your binaries by
hitting the link twice a year.


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