Trying to build gimp again, we have a problem on RedHat EE 3.
gimp-2.0.4 requires gimp-print; most other packages are already
installed under redhat.

Each package is configured using:

./configure --prefix=/opt

building gimp-print-4.2.6 or 5.0.0-beta, we get the error:

Making all in foomatic
make[3]: Entering directory `/root/gimp-print-4.2.6/src/foomatic'
rm -r foomatic-db
rm: cannot lstat `foomatic-db': No such file or directory
make[3]: [foomatic-stamp] Error 1 (ignored)
./foomatic-generator -m ./foomatic-printermap -t ./foomatic-templates -d
noijs  -o
Loading options from ./printer_options...done.
Loading options from ./stp_limits...done.
Loading options from ./printers...done.
Loading printer ID translation table from ./oldprinterids...done.
No foomatic printer IDs for gimp-print printer escp2-pm4000px.
No foomatic printer IDs for gimp-print printer pcl-850.

... etc...

Evidently gimp-print cannot complete without the foomatic stuff.
I built foomatic in /opt, it appears to buld correctly but the
gimp-print package seems to use its own foomatic inside (and I had no
idea what foomatic is really doing anyway)

Thanks for your help.

My suggestion to avoid repeated requests like this:
Have a single package with all the gimp dependencies in it. Who cares if
there are extra versions of gtk, gimp-print, etc lying around. Since you
don't provide rpms for many systems, why make people without supported
binaries go through hand building all the dependencies, with all the
attendant problems? It's much easier in the long run to just support a
single version for each release in one big happy build that all works

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