I run gimp in swedish and the translation is very good. The help files
however are mostly blank pages. I have to quit and start gimp in english
in order to get any help.

Of course this problem can be solved by deleting the swedish documentation 
and then I assume I would get the english one. But it's not the best 

Also, even if there had been a more complete translation, how do I know if
that is a translation of the latest english version? Being able to select
language at run time would be helpful.

gettext() works well because the translation is only used when the
original text is as it was when it was translated. Maybe one could make
something similar with the doc, like a md5sum of the help page. If the
checksum does not match the one stored with the translation then the
english original help is used (or some other language that the user
prefer, just like it works with gettext).

/Dennis Björklund

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