"miriam clinton (iriXx)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As part of our discussions, I raised the issue of why I find the GIMP
> difficult to use as a graphic designer. Although it is quite a
> formidable translation of many of the graphics tools, we graphic
> designers are visual thinkers and rely heavily on the GUI to produce
> our work. Several of my colleagues have tried GIMP but find it
> difficult to work with for this reason.

For what reason? You better tell us what exactly you find difficult to
use. We are constantly working on improving the user interface so of
course we are interested in feedback. Telling us that it is difficult
to use (and not even telling us what version you have been using when
you made that experience), is however not very helpful.

> I'm sorry if this message treads on many toes.

How could your message thread on any toes? You didn't say anything yet.

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